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Terms & Conditions

Yablo Idiomas Mx (YIM) does not discriminate in its admissions policies or decisions based on the applicant’s race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, country of origin, disability, veteran’s status or any other reason unrelated to the applicant’s qualifications for and ability to benefit from the program of study to which he or she has applied.


School Admission and Registration Policy

For admission into the School and associated educational programs, students must complete the school application on the website. Students must be at least 16 years of age at the time their program will commence, complete a Spanish level placement test upon arrival and test within our program levels. In order to qualify for admission, all students must be able to benefit from their desired program of study and must not have reached native-level proficiency in Spanish. All admitted students must complete mandatory registration by their scheduled start date. Registration consists of reporting (in person) to the School, completing a Spanish level placement test (if not already completed), participating in a new student orientation session, and making any outstanding tuition payments due. 


Program Calendar, Schedule and Pricing

Scheduling is based on the current YIM school program schedule. Minor deviations from the published schedule may take place but will not affect the total number of class hours per week. Pricing is based on the current YIM courses price list. 


Registration Fees

A one-time $50 non-refundable application/registration fee will be charged to students enrolling in YIM programs, specifically for individuals who will attend more than three (3) days per week. The non-refundable registration fee is not a part of the tuition and covers the cost of new student registration and administration and allows students access to the School program placement test, course learning materials and organized school activities. 


Refund Policy

Students who are unable to complete their programs are encouraged to submit a request for determination of eligibility for a refund in writing to the School. Students that are enrolled for a program of one (1) week or longer are entitled to a partial refund of up to fifty (50%) percent of all tuition, fees and non-instructional services paid within five (5) business days of signing this agreement.


Tuition Refunds

Students may request a refund of prepaid tuition by submitting a written request to management either (a) before their program’s scheduled start date, or (b) before 5:00 p.m. on the second day of class. In either case, a partial tuition refund will be given, less any non-refundable fees as indicated on the official price list. However, in the event that the student has enrolled for a program of three (3) days or fewer, no tuition refund will be provided.


No tuition refunds will be given for classes cancelled due to acts of God, acts of government, acts of the public enemy, outbreak of war, terrorist activity, civil strife, commotion, strikes, riots, natural or nuclear disaster, earthquakes, fires, storms, hurricanes, tornados, floods and other extreme weather conditions, embargos, infectious diseases, pandemics, and the closure of YIM’s school (whereby students will be offered a comparable program at another school).


All requests for refunds must be made in writing. Refunds will only be made to the person or company that paid our school. The school will process the refund to original form of payment. 


Missed Classes

There will be no excused absences unless the student receives written authorization from management. Students will not be entitled to any refund or makeup class in the event they do not attend a scheduled class session. A class missed is a class lost.


Private students must notify management at least 24 hours before a scheduled lesson or the class will be billed accordingly. In the event of teacher illness or emergency, the school may need to cancel class at the last minute. In these circumstances, students will be contacted by their preferred means of communication as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made in the attempt to recover any missed time under these circumstances.


School Activities and Events

YIM hosts school activities both in school and in the community. Teachers are there to guide and coordinate and cannot be held responsible for your well-being and/or your belongings. In the event that you chose to participate in a school-sponsored event, you agree and recognize that you are a willing participant in such events, and YIM will not be held liable or responsible for any incident that may occur.



YIM, and its representatives, shall not be liable when services are not provided to student for reasons beyond its direct and absolute control, including but not limited to above mentioned events. YIM, and its representatives, will not be held liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury to persons or property.


A student may be expelled or suspended from the program where a student:

- commits a criminal offence;

- violates the student code of conduct or school policy;

- has, in YIM’s opinion, a poor attendance record;

- is absent for 5 consecutive days without notification;

- fails to pay an amount they are directly or indirectly liable to pay YIM in order to undertake the program.  


In the event of a student’s expulsion or suspension, no refund will be given.


Student Code of Conduct

You agree to abide by the student conduct rules and other policies while attending YIM. As part of YIM’s commitment to our students’ success, we seek to provide an optimal learning environment and expect students to conduct themselves in a manner that is considerate of those around them. Inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to:

- disruptions to the learning environment (i.e. use of profanity, harassment, mobile phone use in classrooms, etc.);

- deliberate destruction, misuse, or theft of YIM property or the property of fellow classmates;

- serious or continuous breaches of any rules relating to the use of YIM’s facilities;

- violence or threats of violence towards persons or property of students or YIM staff;

- improper use of email or Internet access;

- failure to comply with local copyright or criminal laws forbidding the misappropriation, copying, recording or alteration of copyright-protected materials.

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