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Who We Are

Yablo (ya + hablo) is a language school based in Mexico City that specializes in teaching Spanish and English as foreign languages. The school has earned international recognition for its academic excellence and commitment to teaching.


We offer in-person and online Spanish and English courses taught by a team of highly trained professionals. All of our teachers are native speakers from Mexico, USA and UK. The school's online curriculum is customized to give students from all over the world the flexibility to learn in the comfort of their homes.


In addition to regular Spanish and English classes, Yablo offers specialized courses in areas such as business, hospitality, and tourism. The school also offers language immersion programs that allow students to experience Mexican culture and learn Spanish in a completely Spanish-speaking environment.

The Yablo Difference

1 / Blended Learning Approach

The curriculum is designed using a blended learning approach, which combines face-to-face instruction with online learning. 

2 / Flexibility

The is designed to provide flexibility, allowing students to switch between in-person and online learning as needed, and to accommodate different learning styles and preferences. 

3 / Consistency

The curriculum is consistent across both modes of instruction, with the same learning objectives, content, and assessments used for both in-person and online learning.

4 / Community

Yablo offers its students and foreigners that are visiting Mexico a community and connection online and in-person. 

5 / Culture

Yablo provides group and individual activities that immerse students in Mexican culture and customs, including literature, art, history, and current events.

6 / Feedback

Yablo utilizes a unique placement test and assessment (online and in-person) to identify student learning level and understand student learning needs. 

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